Welcome to my blog! This is my first post and so I thought I would explain myself… once! Maybe you have noticed a theme.  I do mention stumbling once in a while.  And also adventure.  As a matter of fact the WordPress theme I used has to do with adventure.  I am a Christian, sometimes.  I wish I was a disciple… More often though, I am a human being that makes mistakes, is prideful and disregards others. I stumble… as I journey along.

When I think about what a disciple is I come back to the story of Jesus on the Road to Emaus. Its found in Luke 24:13-35. What I like about this story is a few things. To start with, this story happens on the road while traveling.  Which is what Jesus does, he travels.  That was his ministry.  And he strikes up conversations and gets into the real heart of it.  Which is the second thing I love.  Even though they think they are strangers to each other, they share their heart to each other.  There is an implied trust here… And then the added element. These are disciples of Jesus, but they don’t recognize him… only when they offer him hospitality and they start eating and Jesus does his signature move: the breaking of bread, do they realize who they have been talking to.

Back to stumbling and adventure and all other good stuff. How many times do I shut out the world around me? How often do I just not want to share or be part of someone else life?  How often am I concerned only about my needs? Even more so, how many times do I fail to recognize Jesus in my everyday life? How many times do I even fail to invite him into my everyday life?

All these rhetorical questions because the answer is clear.

So… I stumble along.  On that road.  Talking to Jesus sometimes.  Talking to others when I feel like it.  Or ignoring the world outside. 

How many time do we sit on a bus, or at the airport or even at school with your headphones in? How often times do we choose to stay in our comfort zone.  Do we have conversations with strangers? Would we even dare to invite somebody we don’t know in so we could break bread together?  I know what the answers are for me.  And its not good.  But I love trying.  I love being on that journey, I love stumbling along.  I love the adventure. And I love doing this in community.  I do not want to remain static, nor do I want to remain in my comfort zone.  And yet I do.

Discipleship… following Jesus, doing as he does! And finding adventure in every day.  That is what I want.  That is what I aspire to.  And I keep stumbling.  And its okay!

The line from a song is stuck in my head these days: I you never leave home, you never let go, you’ll never make it to the great unknown, just keep your eyes wide open. There it is. Making it to the great unknown, the everyday stuff that Jesus does when I let myself go, when I keep my eyes wide open and I follow: Discipleship!

So, we all stumble along, on different roads, not always recognizing who we walk with.  But my prayer is that whether I recognize what is happening or not, I participate in the great unknown


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